Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and Resilience


The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability & Resilience leads science-based analysis informed by the community to develop and promote policies, programs, and initiatives related to sustainability and climate resilience rooted in environmental justice.

The office works across multiple areas of focus including energy, water, circular economy, greenspace, transportation, urban agriculture and food systems, and the green economy.

The Team

  • Chandra Farley, Chief Sustainability Officer

  • John R. Seydel, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer

  • Michelle Wiseman, Waste Diversion Director

  • J. Olu Baiyewu, Urban Agriculture Director

  • Michelle Midanier, Clean Energy Programs Associate

  • Justin Nickelson, AgLanta Grown Program Coordinator

  • Yezennia Maldonado, AgLanta Grown Assistant Coordinator 

  • Beth Graham, Executive Fuse Fellow

  • Amina Robinson, Community Outreach and Engagement Fellow

  • Whitney Barr, Food Systems Innovation Fellow 


Photo: Warren LeMay